Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break in Maryland!

Hi Strangers!

I have been gone for a while because I was on my last spring break--and went home :).  I know it isn't the Caribbean or anything wild and exciting BUT it was the perfect escape for me, plus it was Drew's first time visiting my home!! It was also my birthday (forgot to mention) and I always love being around my family to celebrate! We had a blast and covered a lot of territory in the short amount of time back home...we went to DC, Baltimore, Fell's Point and tromped around good ol' MoCo (what people call Montgomery County).

Just a snap shot of our day trip to DC on my birthday..
On the metro (we ended up getting split up on the metro on the way home--ek!)
Lee took a lunch break to treat Drew and I to some awesome salads
(they mix all the toppings and dressing you want together)
Me and Drew with the Capital
Drew at Air and Space gift shop
(I used to think it was the Aaron Space--so intelligent right?!)
Jackie O's inaugural dress: timeless
American History Museum
(did you know that Kermit's eyes are half ping pong balls?!)
Had to get a picture of the Washington Monument before it started pouring on us
(and yes, not the best picture taking--the monument is 
sticking out of my head oops!)

Snap shots of our day in Baltimore/Fells Point with Mama...

Cat's Eye in Fells Point
Mom and Drew :)
Picture in front of the harbor
Snack time--Mimosas and Crab dip 
(It wouldnt be Maryland without some crab right!?)
Mom and Drew 
(with the inappropriate hat that they made me wear for my birthday...)
Me and Drew at the oldest saloon in America (apparently)
Drew liked the saddle bar stools...
Drew and Mom with their colorful jello 
(yes, I was DD--no worries folks!)
I still managed to slam my thumb in the car door 
(a trip to urgent care- meds, draining and lots of ice: back to normal :))

Best brunch in the world--Black's in Bethesda (seriously amazing) with Lee and Jeff...

Black's (all you can eat) brunch with endless 
mimosas and oysters 
Lee and Jeff (Jeff couldnt put his fork down!)
One of my 5 or 6 plates (and yes they were all this full)
Leaving Black's--I want to go back every Sunday!

Joint Birthday Dinner with Kyler (my cousin's birthday is the day after mine)...

Jeff and Lee at Grill Marx, a steak house in my old town
(Olney got a nice steak house when I left!)
Salad with Goat cheese, balsamic reduction and dried cherries 
Filet with veggies and mashed taters 

It was a wonderful trip home and I certainly ate my way all the way back to Charleston! I absolutely love being around my family and am sad that I don't get to visit more often--but it certainly makes time at home more special :)

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  1. Looks like y'all had a blast! Although I did have to put down my fork (eating lunch) when I saw your finger. Yikes!!