Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautiful Weather For Booty Kicking Workouts :)

Happy Hump Day!

It is another gorgeous in Charleston...seriously I can't get enough (promise I will stop boosting about it soon)! My appointment got cancelled yesterday, which allowed me to be able to relish in the sunshine and knock out a slower, but still awesome 5.5 mile run downtown Charleston.  I have a wonderful loop that takes me just over 5 miles and allows me to see some of the most beautiful sites of Historical Charleston :)
Water Front Park (or is it River Front?! Never remember!)
Pretty Palmettos :)
Fountain :)

I have been running with my iPhone so I can listen to Pandora (instead of having to purchase music).  Pandora is awesome because I can listen to all different genres of music depending on my mood.  Currently, I'm jamming to Firework Station (thank you Katy Perry) which is the perfect mix of music to keep me energized throughout my runs! Not going to lie--Motown Station is pretty darn good as well and got to love some T-Swift for a more mellow run :) But the added perk of running with my phone is that it allows me to act like I'm a tourist and stop for photo opts during my run :)

As for this morning, I started off with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with egg--still indecisive this morning about whether to have peanut butter toast or egg sandwich so I combined them!  It may seem strange but if you love ppjs and eggs as I do--putting them together just adds to the amazingness!  

Egg sandwich 
(before I decided to add the peanut butter toast)

After class, I went to the gym to take a bodyattack class with the hardest instructor at the gym (in my opinion).  I absolutely have become obsessed with bodyattack and am eager for the new release to come out next week :)  It is a fun, upbeat class that really kicks my booty without me focusing on the clock (which tends to happen in gym classes)!  Of course after the hard workout it was time to refuel--with more cottage cheese!!

Cottage Cheese Obsession Continues...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday--only a few more days until the weekend AND my best friend Laura is coming in tomorrow :)!!


  1. Such a pretty place to run! I can't wait to visit Charleston this summer!

  2. EW to that egg/PBJ concoction and EW to the cottage cheese! I know you love them both but you will never convince me :) Let me see you again soon!!