Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cottage Cheese? Yes, Please!

Happy first day of Spring!!

Even though it has felt like spring for the past week or so--it is nice to know that winter (even as mild as it was this year) is finally over and sunshine in full swing!!  As I have said time and time again, I absolutely love Charleston in the spring/summer/fall and even winter.  But spring is exceptional because it isnt quite too hot yet, the sun is shining, flowers blooming and people are antsy to lay out and go to the beach!

With my window open this morning and the cool breeze coming in and the sun starting to shine--it was the most perfect start of spring and my Tuesday :)! I got a jump start on the day by having a wonderful breakfast.  I was indecisive about what to make for breakfast, so decided to have something sweet then something more filling.  I made some cottage cheese mixed with jam and cinnamon sugar then added an egg white omelet with peppers and goat cheese :).

Omelet and small cottage cheese (ate some before the picture whoopsies!)

Cottage cheese has become my new obsession.  Growing up my mom always ate cottage cheese and my roommate, Ali loves it.  But for whatever reason (probably because it just looks so chunky and like rotten cheese with an awful constancy) I have always been repulsed by cottage cheese and the idea to eat it made me want to cringe.  However, last week I decided that I was in the mood for cottage cheese--strange because I have probably only tried it once and really couldn't tell you why it sounded appealing--but I decided I was going to take a stab at it and try out the repulsive looking stuff.  I'm not going to lie the first bowl of it--didn't taste so good (the constancy got to me).  But after trying different varieties of it: sweet with jam, sugar, cinnamon, spice or savory with salt and pepper; I have finally found a love for cottage cheese!

It is strange how something that seemed so unappetizing can become my obsession two weeks later!  The same thing happened to me with tomatoes a few years ago--I used to hate them, but now can't get enough.  And I guess the same goes for squash, mushrooms and fish.  I'm starting to believe what my middle school science teacher told me: your taste buds change every 7 years...ha!

Thank goodness I found a love for fish back in the day--because that's what I have been munching on the past few meals.  I got cod from Costco on Sunday night and Drew whipped some pan fried cod and pan seared cod right up.  He had fish tacos while I opted for a fish salad--which I replicated for 2 left over meals.  I absolutely love cod it is so flakey and light.  The downside of this cod was that it was soo stinky (though I'm almost positive it hadn't gone bad) and left Drew's place smelling like fish even the day after :( but I assure you it was taste-y :)

Salad numero uno
Salad numero dos
Looks gross--but there is nothing better than homemade tarter sauce:
combine mayo, relish, salt, pepper and old bay :)

Hope everyone enjoys the start of SPRING  :)

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  1. I've never tried cottage cheese, but always thought I would hate it. Maybe I should try it too. :-)