Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To run or not to run?!

Tuesdays are always odd days for me.  I usually get up and go for a long run, but this morning I allowed myself to sleep in a little (much needed still recovering from this weekend) and by the time I woke up and finished breakfast around 9:45 it was already blazing hot!!  So I nixed my long run this morning and decided to do a little house cleaning, studying for class and read a little of my new book, The Help! 

Tomatoes Sautéing 
Tomato, Bacon, Basil Egg Scramble :)
With a Side of The Help!

I have been dying to try the new ab class that Gold's just started to offer.  It is an intense 30 minutes of ab exercises...so I may dip my feet in that this afternoon (or save it for Thursday).  I have been trying to take advantage of the gym as much as possible because I now live 5 minutes away from it and it's beginning to get a little too hot to run outside (other than the early, early morning or late night).  I promise I will get back outside to run, I just have to have a little more planning involved so I'm not running in the dead of the heat! So my big question for today: go for a run outside and bare the heat OR try ab class?! 

As for my diet, I was trying to restrict carbs as much as possible...but my body craves them so I decided that it isnt that bad to give in especially with marathon training where I need some (as long as they are healthy, at least for the most part).  That being said, I treated myself to a big bowl of oatmeal while watching the bachelorette last night.  I don't know what it is about that show that makes me watch it every week, though I swear it is awful and think that she is annoying and needs to get over Bentley (who made her look like an idiot and she only knew for a couple weeks and says she can't get over him because of a dot dot dot...come on now!!) I am still tuned in every Monday night (and admittedly will be tuned in every Monday night until the "final rose" and then "after the final rose").  I may have a problem...but Im assuming half of American girls under the age of 30 have a similar problem!! 

Oatmeal with White Chocolate, Coconut, Raspberries and Blueberries..yum!

Off to class, hope everyone has a great hot Tuesday!!

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