Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

Good Morning!!

I am trying to get back into the swing of things and regularly blog again.  It is crazy how much more on track and organized I feel when I blog.  I know many people think blogging is silly and don't really understand it- but trust me if you don't have a blog you should try it out it's a lot of fun (speaking from a newbie blogger who still doesn't quite get it- it still is fun)!!

Since I am leaving again this Wednesday to start the wedding weekend, I went to the store and bought the essentials for 3 whole days.  It is nice knowing that I can buy stuff that goes bad quickly...because with such a time crunch I am bound to eat it (I can't stand when food goes bad :/)!  That being said I went to the store and bought a bunch of fresh produce...I absolutely love summer for all the delicious berries and veggies that are in season!!  I came out with blueberries, squash, zucchini, grapefruits, peaches and the most gorgeous looking tomato (and yes I will eat them all within 3 days)!!

Pasta with sauteed summer squash, zucchini and tilapia
Salad with fresh tomato, salsa, and black bean veggie burger
My favorite creation= a caprese omelet

I decided to dip my hands in experimenting a little with cooking--I am much more of a baker (there are instructions and I know how to follow them)--and even though I'm not cooking anything really to write home about I did create an amazing breakfast!! This morning, I sauteed fresh tomatoes with sea salt, fresh pepper and basil and then added 3 egg whites...it came out amazing!! If you can eat mozzarella without your stomach hurdling over I suggest adding that too which would be even more awesome and such a light but flavorful breakfast :)

After I finish my delicious (might I add again) breakfast, its off for a long run (6-9 miles depending on how my legs feel) and then the store to pick up some baking supplies before heading of to class!! I can't stay away from my cookie sheets long enough- plus this is a jammed packed weekend, so some extra sweets are always nice...right?! 

Hope everyone enjoys this gorgeous Tuesday!!

View from my porch (if you were curious)

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