Monday, June 20, 2011

Sara's Wedding Recap

Told you I'd post again today...that may be a record for me twice in one day (maybe Ill keep it up-or just stick to attempting to post everyday!)

I am currently in between my two classes on Monday, so have a little wiggle room to blog and to enjoy this hot yet gorgeous day on my porch while eating my mexican salad and side of a quesadilla.  I bought cheese yesterday that says that it is lactose free soo I will have to report if it actually is or not...fingers crossed it is because boy is it delicious and I'm not trying to have my stomach cramp up in the middle of class ek! Also, something I just realized- never again will I buy the store brand salsa.  I ususally buy the harris teeter brand salsa or really any grocery store salsa because it is so much cheaper, but yesterday I decided to buy non-store brand salsa and wow is it tastier!! First it isnt so watered down (cost probably has something to do with that) and it is more flavorful with more chunks of tomatoes and flavor.  Just a little side note that I learned today :)

Salsa with salsa and refried beans (I heart frijoles)

Back to the more important stuff...Sara's Wedding Weekend!! The weekend kicked off a little early on Thursday night! We (Rachel, Charlotte, Laura, Paige and myself) decided to kidnap Sara and take her out in Charlotte, NC.  We had a little bachelorette party the previous Thursday in Greenville which was a little more tame and decided that we needed to kick it up a notch being that it was her last nights as a single lady and go out on the town.  We planned with her mom and now-husband to kidnap her from her house and that we would bring her back Friday afternoon...they were totally in!

Girls before we went to get Sara
Decorating the room!
Jim packed Saras bag
Walking to the kidnapping
Kidnapping complete with blind fold
Car in motion
Paige and me!
Howling at the moon...aka coolest bar ever!
Massive drink...split obviously!
Sara and Charlotte 

The next morning all got up went to breakfast then headed on our way to Rock Hill for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal went smoothly; complete with a couple crazy but super organized church ladies who were helping out and the fact that half the groomsman weren't there! But all and all it was fun and exciting to see how everyone was going to stand and all...Sara ended up placing us- quite the teacher skills at work!  Then we went to the rehearsal dinner which was amazing (I told you I consumed a lot this weekend)!! We ate, drank, laughed and that was the moment that it kicked in that she was really getting married (at least for me)!! It was an awesome night and a perfect way to start the weekend with all the bridal party present!
Groom's Cake at the rehearsal dinner
Our flowers

On Saturday, we had the bridesmaids brunch which again was another fantastic meal and super cute!  It was great being able to relax and hang out with Sara and all the bridesmaids before the wedding and when we weren't all running around like a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off! After the brunch we rushed back to the lake house to get ready (thanks again to Paige who came back to do my makeup-if you didn't already know I have no clue how to put on makeup and need assistance every once and a while)! Then it was off to the chapel to see Sara and Jim get MARRIED!!

Bridesmaids Brunch
Sara's mom and sister helping her
Waiting for our cue!
Behind the scenes
Trouble makers-check!
Sara- so elegant

After the wedding it was off to the reception and lord knows that Sara's parents know how to throw a party.  That family does it up right- as does Sara- and it certainly was one for the books! I wish that Southern Living could have been there because it was so beautiful and truly an amazing night.  It rained right before the wedding so it cooled everything off and the bugs werent an issue which made the evening even better!!

Reception time :)
A little sweaty from dancing :/
With the gorgeous bride!
Typical Me (just had to add)

Congrats to the gorgeous couple, I love you guys!!

Sara being Sara!
Stunning Couple!!

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