Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clemson-Auburn Recap with a 20 Mile Run

Good Morning!

This weekend was another amazing one in God's Country! I am so happy that I get to go back to Clemson as frequent as I do...and it is an amazing perk that my best friend, Laura, still lives there-so there is an open couch for me :)!  This weekend was not the typical tailgating experience (I think I have grown up a little bit--maybe?!), but regardless was an amazing time and one of the best Clemson games I have seen!
Me and Laura :)
Dinner at El Jim

Drew was in charge of putting on his company's tailgate this weekend, which is why I say it wasn't the typical tailgating experience (instead of running around and seeing people I was at the tailgate for the majority of the time which turned out to be a great time).  It was a blast and really cool to be able to see people that Drew works with kick back and enjoy some football and beer.  

Outside the stadium
View of field from our seats--in the Auburn Section 
(but sooo nice in the shade:))

We had gone shopping for food and drinks on Thursday night before heading off and were nervous that we got too much--but that was definitely not the case it turned out to be the perfect amount with very few leftovers!  I made a huge fruit salad, poppyseed muffins, oreo cookies and m&m cookies (didn't take pictures) which I was pleased to see people enjoy :)  The tailgate was a hit and so was the entire weekend--don't you just wish weekends lasted longer?!

Drew's Tailgate

The weekend was a great time--but I knew that I had a nice 20 mile run in my near future which I was admittedly dreading.  I decided to nix my plan to run before class and instead went directly after class.  I was not in a "running mood" and unfortunately allowed my head to get the best of me--leaving me with not the best run in the world.  By mile 17 I felt like I couldn't go any further, but thankfully Grant joined me and helped me finish the last 3 miles!  It really helps so much having people run short burst with you when doing a long run--it breaks it up and makes you finish what you started.  It was a tough one, but I am so happy that I completed my last lonnnng run before the Chicago Marathon woop woop :)

My sister and I are thinking of outfit ideas for the marathon--she likes glitter and pink and I would like to think I have less glam taste---but we will see what we come up with :)  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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