Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Fall is definitely in the air.  I woke up this morning to the temp being in the 60's...thats crazy talk for the past 4 or so months!! I love the scent of dew on the grass and the crispness that fall brings.  Like I said before I am a summer girl, but do appreciate the change in weather :)

Yesterday was another perfect day.  Charleston is supposed to have 4 gorgeous days in a row--talking mid 80's plenty of sunshine and light winds! I decided to take advantage of being able to run in the middle of the day and not die from overheating :) I ran 5 miles around the peninsula and took a moment to take pictures of the gorgeous battery.

I have run, walked (maybe one day bike) the battery many times and it never seems to get old.  The houses are beautiful and the palmetto trees that line the road are awesome...and of course the view of the water is unbeatable! I had a wonderful run and think I will have to have a mulligan again today--repeat!!

Battery in Gorgeous Charleston
Water with the Connector in the distance
My Three Favorite Homes in a Row :)
Charming the porches!

After my wonderful run, I quickly got ready to meet the girls for happy hour at Pearlz in West Ashley aka Avondale! It was a perfect evening and for once we all weren't breaking into a sweat.  I love being able to catch up and chat in the middle of the week.  It is awesome getting to just relax and hear how everyones week is going and start getting excited for the weekend!

Pearlz with Christina, Mary Foster and Ali

As for this weekend, I can NOT wait!!! I'm headed back to my Alma Mater--Clemson for the Wofford-Clemson game!  I'm going down there for Auburn, but couldn't wait to get back for a game so we decided to go this weekend too.  I made a target run to buy necessities, supplies for cookies for this weekend, and browsed through the racks to see if I could find anything to wear for the next two weekends.  I found a cute orange blouse (sound so old--shirt) and a purple maxi dress!  I purchased them both after asking the lady if I could return the items--even if they were clearance--and she said of course and apparently target has an awesome return policy (fyi)!!

So I need some help...
Should I keep both, one, or none?!? What do you think?!

Option 1: Wofford Game
Option 2: Auburn game--have to wear purple :)

I would love to hear opinions, because I am a self proclaimed fashion challenged girl :) 

Off to enjoy my breakfast--Raisin bagel with egg and jelly (because sadly I missed my free Chick-Fil-A)!

Thursday Breakfast

Only two more days til the weekend....

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