Thursday, September 15, 2011

24 Hour Bug :/

Yesterday, I was tied down to my bed with a 24 hour bug...ek! It was no fun at all, but thank goodness it was only 24 hours and now I feel almost fully recovered!  Don't germs know that a girl has a big weekend ahead of her and being sick would totally kill that :/

As for the beginning of this week it was a fun and eventful one.  Drew and I decided to go shopping downtown for dress shirts for him, only to realize that the store we wanted to go to was closed!  So we decided to take advantage of a coupon I received in the mail a few months ago (and expired that night).  I do love a good coupon and this one was awesome-- 10 dollars to Pearlz not including alcohol.  Since it was happy hour we contemplated a lot, because their happy hour menu has awesome prices and we needed to surpass the 10 dollar mark (crazy right?!).

Tuna Roll---soo good!
Homemade Chips--can never turn these babies down!
Awesome weather--gotta love the end of summer breeze!

As for my Tuesday, I decided to take some of my own advice and prep a running bag in order to go on a run directly after class.  I have an awkward 3 hour break in between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In order to take advantage of this break time I decided to go on a 5.5 mile run--it was the perfect break in the day and will definitely be a new running time for me!

Packed Running Bag!

Unfortunately, I don't think running will be in my future today :( I am still pretty weak from not having anything in my system from yesterday and it would probably be pretty silly to attempt to run--even if I really want to! But giving my body rest and listening to my body will probably be the smarter decision in the!  

Hope everyone had a wonderful start of their week...and only 2 more days until the weekend!! 

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  1. Oh no! So sorry you were sick yesterday! I have felt "off" all week. Feel like I got a little taste of whatever sickness Grant had. See you soon! Glad you're better!