Monday, September 12, 2011

Flashback to College :)


I loved college--like absolutely loved, loved college--and was so excited to go back to my alma mater for the weekend.  Grant, Ashton, Drew and I loaded up the car and headed for the beautiful foothills of South Carolina to my beloved Clemson University on Friday afternoon.  We got to my best friend, Laura's, who is in graduate school at Clemson (so lucky) around 8 on Friday night!  After eating, getting ready, hanging out, and playing a few card games we headed our way to downtown Clemson to meet up with everyone else.

Going downtown Clemson is a ton different from when I was in college.  I am so used to being the youngest or one of the youngest downtown in Charleston--and boy is that a flip when in Clemson.  I saw so many of the little Chi Os and other people that I knew--and was so confused why they were downtown!! Then after talking to them I realized that they were seniors and old enough to be downtown---crazy...when did I get this old!?!

Regardless of my senior age status- I had an awesome time hanging out with everyone and being back on my old stomping grounds.  I can't even describe how amazing it was to be back to Clemson :)

Me and Laura
Taylor, Tom and Laura
Megan and Brandon
Spotted Taylor!
Crazy Boys
We Love Each Other

After our crazy night out; the alarm clock went off a little too early, but we were ready to start tailgating!! Tailgating is one of my favorite things to do; everyone is so pumped and excited for the game which makes the atmosphere hard to beat :)

In order to prepare for the day ahead, we cooked up a huge breakfast complete with bloody marys!  In college, we used to make huge Saturday breakfasts with our neighbors and making such a large breakfast brought me back to the good ol' days.  After digesting our big meal, we headed off to the tailgating spot where the fun festivities began---and sadly ended too!

Walking to Tailgate!
Drew and Grant
Clemson Orange
Can't beat a pair of overalls :)
Drew and Me

The game was a blast.  It was super hot and I probably dropped 5 pounds based on the amount I was sweating, but it was totally worth it!  Plus, we squeezed out a win against Wofford!  Not going to sugar coat it--I'm a little nervous about how our season is going to turn out, but I will still root for my team and have fun watching and celebrating victories :)!! Can't wait for this Friday--back again to Clemson :) 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed a little football!!  Happy Monday :)


  1. Love your gameday outfit... Go Tigers!!

  2. HI! I just found your blog. Were you a Chi O?? I graduated awhile ago (2006) from a college in Alabama and I was a Chi O. I'm also moving to Charleston VERY soon (end of May) and I'm super excited!! :) I love your blog and I can't wait to read more...P.S. I'm an Auburn fan.... ;)