Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crazy Girl

Happy Labor Day!

The weekend went by in a flash--and I couldn't be happier than to have an additional day off of school.  Plus no case of the Mondays- yes please! I decided to take it a little easier this weekend, because there was a lingering 20 mile run in my future.  But taking it easier doesn't mean having any less fun--at least I learned this lesson this weekend!

On Friday night some of my close girl friends and I had a wine night filled with yummy snacks and two-buck chuck (the best 2.99 wine on earth--thank you Trader Joe's).  We called it an early-ish night in order to rest up for our girls day at the beach.  I love that fall is in the air, but I am a total summer girl and am determined to soak up as much beach time as I can before the seasons change.

The beach was surprisingly not too packed for labor day weekend.  There were many more tourists and not so many of the "usual crowd."  I think that the start of college football had a thing or two to do with the decreased beach population.  Which thank goodness Clemson won--admittedly I was nervous for a moment, but thankfully we pulled out a W :)! After basking in the sun, we went to Rita's to enjoy some football and of course amazing food. The girls continued the evening at a new bar downtown...but sadly I stayed at home and prepared for my long run in the am (downloaded new music and ate many cheerios)!

Sunday morning, I strapped on my running shoes at 7:30 and hit the pavement (and grass and sand and gravel--what can I say I love a wide variety of terrain)! I did 18 miles by myself and felt awesome...well almost awesome: I ran out of water at mile 13 and all the gas stations I went to were closed so I was a little dehydrated but felt good other than that!! I ran by Drew's house and he was nice enough to run the last 2 miles with me.  It totally broke up the run, even at the end, giving me enough added momentum to push through to finish the big 2-0 :)!!

Why I titled this "Crazy Girl" is because of two separate events: first, when I was being lame and staying on a Saturday night downloading music I downloaded Crazy Girl...which is a great country song AND secondly, because my Sunday didn't have enough exercise in it--I decided to go sea kayaking after my 20 mile run (enter the craziness, or insanity part)!

We had planned to go camping on Sunday night, but the weather channel and the radar looked really bad--so we decided to go kayaking instead.  I don't remember the last time I went kayaking--probably a family vacation in Hawaii--so needless to say I was pretty nervous!  But it turned out to be a total blast- thanks to the boys who put up with my whining and slow pace :)!! It was a perfect alternative to camping.  We ended up kayaking out to Boone Hall Plantation (about an hour and half paddle) and listened to a free concert and saw a fantastic firework show afterwards.  All and all, I had a very eventful Sunday and am so excited to sit on my couch today and eat more cheerios!!

Cheerio! And hope you have a wonderful day off today!

**pictures will come...didn't have mine this weekend :(**

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