Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicago Marathon Recap!

Hi Friends!! So it has been a long, long while! I haven't even posted in the month of October...ek! I have been swamped with school, running, traveling and to be honest really haven't been in the mood to post.  I don't know why it is but sometimes I just get out of the blogging mood and would really rather not...anyone feel the same!? But anyways I'm back and super happy to report that I finished the Chicago Marathon with a HUGE smile on my face!

Chicago Marathon Expo!!
The Family that Runs Together--Stays Together!
Sisters Running Together!

I have been training for the Chicago marathon since June and as every marathon runner knows--its a huge commitment and ridiculously time consuming! I am so grateful to have such understanding friends and family that support me above and beyond the call of duty.  All the hard work and effort paid off 110% and I feel better and more proud of myself and my accomplishment than I can explain (sorry if this sounds like I'm bosting or being arrogant--I'm just really happy I did it!)!
Early Morning...nerves check!
On the train to the race

The entire marathon training experience--early morning runs, bringing clothes to run in between classes; planning dates around running; running after long weekends away; contemplating if I have it in me; encouraging talks from friends; running in the rain, wind, heat, and extreme, extreme sun heat; sacrificing going out on Friday nights; a ridiculously awful sports bra tan; running into trees, car mirrors and meters--was all worth it when I crossed that finish line at mile 26.2 (or as my garmin said 26.74)!

I can not say enough about how awesome the city of Chicago is or how amazing the specators and people of Chicago are.  There were specators and citizens of Chicago throughout the ENTIRE race...not even in one spot along the race was there not a person standing and cheering for the over 45,000 runners!  It was absolutely amazing and I was so grateful and surprised to see how many people actually showed up to watch.  There were high school bands, drumlines, dancers, cheerleaders, bongo players, MCs, tons of people with signs, people with treats--like jolly ranchers, donuts, beer, skittles, bottle waters, twizzlers, ice, gels, oranges, bananas, juice and Gatorade--all lining the streets of the beautiful downtown Chicago.

Me and Dad taking a water break with my Aunt and Uncle
Gel and Water refueling :)
Love the Skirts--about to take off!

The running conditions were perfect for me--started off in the low 60's and got to the mid 70's by the time I crossed the finishline.  Unfortunately, the heat put a toll on my sister and dad who were used to running in less hot temperatures :(.  I ended up splitting off from my family during the race and finishing by myself--but I am happy to report that Mimi, Dad and Lee all finished holding hands--they are troopers for sticking it out through the dehydration, I seriously think I would have thrown in the towel.  All and all the race was a wonderful experience for all four of us and I would be so happy if I got the chance to run it again!
That's How We Do ;)

As for what Paige and Drew were instructed to tell me--if I felt good after the Chicago Marathon, I will attempt to do the Savannah Marathon on November 5th--so looks like Savannah here I come :)
Savannah-Watch Out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and hope to post again soon!

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