Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's finally summer break...for a whole 2 weeks WOOP WOOP!! I honestly have never needed a break as much as I need one right now, so lucky for me I got one :)

This weekend was a great kick off to my short summer break (don't get me wrong: I am thankful that I do get a summer break even if it is short; because yes, I'm not technically in the 'real world' where you don't get a summer break...ek!).  On Saturday, we went out on harbor to Aqua-palooza where the Blue Dogs were playing.  It was a really cool event, there were close to a hundred boats anchored out listening to the band play!! It was a great time and so much fun to hang out with everyone (stress-free too)!

After my fun filled Saturday it was time to slow it down and have a lazy Sunday.  I know that people sometimes call Sunday-Funday (even the Cosmo I just read said to have one) but sometimes it's just nice to relax.  

I have been dying for the Trader Joe's to open in Mount Pleasant, there is one at home and I love their food and discounts (love me some peanut butter filled pretzels), and it finally opened on Friday! Needless to say, I basically jumped for joy when I walked in on Sunday night and made quite a few delicious purchases :).  Drew and I picked up a few goodies from Trader Joe's then went to Whole Foods to pick up some more treats for dinner.  We were all over the place and so mesmerized by all the delicious choices that our burger idea for dinner turned into a hodge-podge of tasty food samplings :)

Mine: Salmon Burger with Shrimp and Lobster egg roll
His: Bison Burger with side of portobello mushroom and little broccoli 
Don't mind the cooking mess in the back :/

It was an amazing meal and I was so happy in the morning when I decided to keep the little bit that was left of my salmon burger (instead of just throwing it away), because I made the most delicious omelet imaginable!! I gotta love some leftovers for breakfast :)

Salmon Burger Omelet

Last night, I decided to cook stuffed peppers for the first time.  I bought ground turkey last week when I went to Walmart because it was so cheap, but realized I didn't know what to make with it :/ After doing a little recipe hunting online (LOVE me some free time) I found a healthy alternative to the original beef and rice stuffed pepper recipe that called for ground turkey--I was instantly sold!  It's a very simple recipe and I was pretty impressed with the outcome...next time adding more mushrooms and less peppers (personal preference) and roasting the pepper for longer; but all and all a great meal to watch the Bachelorette: Final Rose! 

Turkey-Stuffed Pepper :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! And enjoy some of this wonderful, hot summer weather :)

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