Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Friends and Good Cookies :)

Happy Monday!! I can't believe that it is already the middle of August...ahh summer is flying by!

This weekend was one for the books and just goes to show how fast life goes and that I just maybe growing up a little bit.  Two of my good friends got married this weekend in Rock Hill, SC; which allowed a bunch of my college friends to reunite!  It is always fun going to weddings especially because it brings people together for a celebration and Augie and Becca's wedding allowed us to rewind life a little---and act like we were in college again :)

Prior to the wedding festivities and long car drive; I whipped up a variety of cookies and dipped my toes into making homemade pizza.  Drew and I knew it was going to be a long Saturday, so on Friday night we attempted to have a more "chill" evening and made homemade pizza.  I went to trader joes with Robert and saw that they sold pizza dough and immediately decided that homemade pizza was a perfect Friday night meal.  I got angus beef, sweet onion, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  Drew and I both agreed that the pizza was a total hit and a must redo, only next time we are going to try and make our own dough and maybe add some green peppers or maybe even pesto :) yummm!
Homemade Pizza :)

The pizza went perfectly with some homemade cookies. I attempted a new pudding chocolate chip cookie.  My sister made amazing chocolate chip cookies with a pudding pack and after my white coconut chocolate chip cookies made with a pudding pack...I decided to make another!  I must say I love a pudding cookie, the pudding pack keeps the cookies moister and chewier soo basically makes a better cookie! I made the chocolate chip cookies and then added toasted coconut to some and oatmeal to others (so a variety of chocolate chip cookies).  All the cookie varieties were a hit and I can't wait to try another cookie with pudding pack (or maybe brownies next?!).
Wet Ingredients +
Vanilla Jello Pudding=
Awesome Dough
Perfect Cookie ;)
Variety of Cookies...yummm!

Off to enjoy the sun (while I still can)!!

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