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Hey!!! So I'm happy to report that I had an absolutely amazing time out west and enjoyed every bit of my adventure with my mom!  It was truly a trip for the books and one that I will remember forever.  I have heard about Jackson Hole, WY since I was born (literally ask my sister) and had this vision of what it would be like---and I tell you it was my imagination and more.  Jackson Hole is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!
Breath Taking
Jackson Lake

I got in on Friday night and the fun began.  My mom's best friend, Kathy, and mom picked me up at the airport where we dropped off my bags and then went down the street to a local bar, Stagecoach.  The Stagecoach (we went to almost every was literally 5 doors down from the house we were staying at) is what I think of when I think of a western bar.  It had cowboys, and I mean real cowboys-hats, boots, the whole shabang; local hippies, people line dancing or square dancing; and lots of booze.  It was awesome to say the least and such a different experience from the East.

Not to bore you with the little details of the trip, so I'll try and make it speedy.  On Saturday, Mom and I ventured downtown Jackson.  We went to the farmers market where I tried Elk and Buffalo meat (bought some jerky :)) and explored the different places my parents used to hang out.  We stopped in at the Cowboy Bar, where my mom worked as a cocktail waitress years ago!! It was a really cool bar that had saddles as bar stools and was crowded even at noon!

Downtown Picture
Cowboy Bar
Downtown Jackson Hole and Moose
Picture from the Church my Parents got Married At!

On Sunday, Kathy took us down to Jackson Lake where we got to sunbathe--the sun is so much stronger there though it is so much cooler out!  We even got to watch Kathy waterski, which was very impressive.  I was surprised that people were actually in the water; it felt like it was 40 degrees in there, but since they are so used to the cold I guess they can handle it--not so much for this girl :)
Jackson Lake!
Kathy waterskiing in the Freezing water!
Eagle in the tree!
Eagle Flying

Mom and I went back into town on Monday and ran a few errands and went souvenir shopping.  I absolutely loved the little town, though mom commented on how big it has grown and that the tourist were out in full force.  We went around the back streets and she showed me where her old apartments and homes were and even where my dad lived (so weird to think they had a life before me)! When we got back we went over Teton Pass-the same place that Mom broke her knee ek!- which was absolutely breath taking at the top.  Teton Pass is seriously an uphill road and I have no idea how people drive on it with snow--I was scared and it was sunny and warm out--but I guess they dont have a choice because it connects Idaho and Wyoming!
Mom :)
Teton Pass
Mom and I :) on the top of the Mountain by Tram

My last day in Wyoming, I got to hang out with my cousin, Julia, who has lived in Jackson Hole for 3 years now! We went on a long walk and caught up--it was awesome being able to see her and spend sometime with family because we rarely get to see each other because we all live so far away! After lunch, mom, kathy and I went huckleberry picking and mushroom hunting!! Of course Kathy was making fun of how "city" mom and I were--but we did get quite a bunch of huckleberries (while Kathy got a ton of mushrooms--but she is the real western girl)! My last night in Jackson we went to "shoes" which was a bunch of Kathy's friends that get together once a week in the summer and play horse shoes and cook out! It was a great ending of an amazing trip!!

Bear sighting...sooo cool and close!
Mom and Kathy

I hope I didn't bore you too bad with all the details of my trip, but it was a wonderful experience and I had an absolute blast the entire time.  I will definitely make it back--don't know if I can stand their winters, but I would love to go back in the warmer months again!!

As for life back in the east in South Carolina, I have a bunch of errands to run before this crazy weekend ahead :)

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