Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Found: Lost Camera!

I'm back! After a "minor" freak out and rummaging through my apartment, car, room, closest and even bathroom--I found my camera!! I didn't realize how much I love my little black thing---but I feel so much better now that I have it in my possession. If you were wondering--it was in a small pocket of a random beach bag (don't know why I decided it put it in there...but I found it so no worries)!

A lot has gone on while my camera has been MIA...there was Ali's birthday, beach days, boat days, hurricane Irene days, school days (womp womp), trivia nights, date nights, girl's night out, Drew's fraternity weekend, running (unfortunately only a little), chopping off all my hair ek! and last but certainly not least lots and lots of baking :)! I am so happy that I have found my long lost camera and can now get back to "documenting" life :)

Julia, Mary Foster and the Birthday Girl
Day at Morris Island
Drew and Me :)
Girls Night Out
Chai's amazing Chocolate Martini (tastes like chocolate milk shake)
Sushi from Wasabi Date Night...ate it all :)
New Hair Cut (sorry so close up!)

As I said I did lots of baking...but since I didn't have my camera I couldn't take pictures of all I concocted  :(!! I did bake blueberry and raspberry muffins (first time making muffins from scratch and certainly not the last time), but I did get pictures of the most amazing bars I have ever eaten!! Ali and I love and have stalked pictures of these brownie bars that she made a while for Ali's birthday I decided to finally make my own version of "better than crack brownie bars"!!

My 'Better than Crack Birthday Brownie, Coconut Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Triple Layer Bars'
adapted from

First Layer: Coconut Cookie

3 1/2 c. flour
2 c. sugar
2. c butter
1 T baking powder
1 t. baking soda
1 t. vanilla extract
1 c. (or more) sweetened coconut

Combine all the ingredient together EXCEPT the coconut on low speed
Stir in the Coconut and spread on the bottom of a greased 13x9 pan (preheat the oven to 350 at this time)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer:
your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe...I know everyone has their own favorite! I used my pudding pack chocolate chip cookie recipe (obviously become obsessed with pudding)!

Brownie Layer (any recipe that you like)....
I did cheat on this one and used a box...thanks Betty!! I've attempted brownies from scratch and failed one too many times to attempt again :(

Let the layering begin...
First up, the Coconut Layer
Next the Brownie Layer...

Top it off with the Chocolate Chip Cookie layer
Put in the Oven at 350 for about 35 minutes....

 Let it Cool Baby Cool...


Enjoy :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Friends and Good Cookies :)

Happy Monday!! I can't believe that it is already the middle of August...ahh summer is flying by!

This weekend was one for the books and just goes to show how fast life goes and that I just maybe growing up a little bit.  Two of my good friends got married this weekend in Rock Hill, SC; which allowed a bunch of my college friends to reunite!  It is always fun going to weddings especially because it brings people together for a celebration and Augie and Becca's wedding allowed us to rewind life a little---and act like we were in college again :)

Prior to the wedding festivities and long car drive; I whipped up a variety of cookies and dipped my toes into making homemade pizza.  Drew and I knew it was going to be a long Saturday, so on Friday night we attempted to have a more "chill" evening and made homemade pizza.  I went to trader joes with Robert and saw that they sold pizza dough and immediately decided that homemade pizza was a perfect Friday night meal.  I got angus beef, sweet onion, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  Drew and I both agreed that the pizza was a total hit and a must redo, only next time we are going to try and make our own dough and maybe add some green peppers or maybe even pesto :) yummm!
Homemade Pizza :)

The pizza went perfectly with some homemade cookies. I attempted a new pudding chocolate chip cookie.  My sister made amazing chocolate chip cookies with a pudding pack and after my white coconut chocolate chip cookies made with a pudding pack...I decided to make another!  I must say I love a pudding cookie, the pudding pack keeps the cookies moister and chewier soo basically makes a better cookie! I made the chocolate chip cookies and then added toasted coconut to some and oatmeal to others (so a variety of chocolate chip cookies).  All the cookie varieties were a hit and I can't wait to try another cookie with pudding pack (or maybe brownies next?!).
Wet Ingredients +
Vanilla Jello Pudding=
Awesome Dough
Perfect Cookie ;)
Variety of Cookies...yummm!

Off to enjoy the sun (while I still can)!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey!!! So I'm happy to report that I had an absolutely amazing time out west and enjoyed every bit of my adventure with my mom!  It was truly a trip for the books and one that I will remember forever.  I have heard about Jackson Hole, WY since I was born (literally ask my sister) and had this vision of what it would be like---and I tell you it was my imagination and more.  Jackson Hole is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!
Breath Taking
Jackson Lake

I got in on Friday night and the fun began.  My mom's best friend, Kathy, and mom picked me up at the airport where we dropped off my bags and then went down the street to a local bar, Stagecoach.  The Stagecoach (we went to almost every was literally 5 doors down from the house we were staying at) is what I think of when I think of a western bar.  It had cowboys, and I mean real cowboys-hats, boots, the whole shabang; local hippies, people line dancing or square dancing; and lots of booze.  It was awesome to say the least and such a different experience from the East.

Not to bore you with the little details of the trip, so I'll try and make it speedy.  On Saturday, Mom and I ventured downtown Jackson.  We went to the farmers market where I tried Elk and Buffalo meat (bought some jerky :)) and explored the different places my parents used to hang out.  We stopped in at the Cowboy Bar, where my mom worked as a cocktail waitress years ago!! It was a really cool bar that had saddles as bar stools and was crowded even at noon!

Downtown Picture
Cowboy Bar
Downtown Jackson Hole and Moose
Picture from the Church my Parents got Married At!

On Sunday, Kathy took us down to Jackson Lake where we got to sunbathe--the sun is so much stronger there though it is so much cooler out!  We even got to watch Kathy waterski, which was very impressive.  I was surprised that people were actually in the water; it felt like it was 40 degrees in there, but since they are so used to the cold I guess they can handle it--not so much for this girl :)
Jackson Lake!
Kathy waterskiing in the Freezing water!
Eagle in the tree!
Eagle Flying

Mom and I went back into town on Monday and ran a few errands and went souvenir shopping.  I absolutely loved the little town, though mom commented on how big it has grown and that the tourist were out in full force.  We went around the back streets and she showed me where her old apartments and homes were and even where my dad lived (so weird to think they had a life before me)! When we got back we went over Teton Pass-the same place that Mom broke her knee ek!- which was absolutely breath taking at the top.  Teton Pass is seriously an uphill road and I have no idea how people drive on it with snow--I was scared and it was sunny and warm out--but I guess they dont have a choice because it connects Idaho and Wyoming!
Mom :)
Teton Pass
Mom and I :) on the top of the Mountain by Tram

My last day in Wyoming, I got to hang out with my cousin, Julia, who has lived in Jackson Hole for 3 years now! We went on a long walk and caught up--it was awesome being able to see her and spend sometime with family because we rarely get to see each other because we all live so far away! After lunch, mom, kathy and I went huckleberry picking and mushroom hunting!! Of course Kathy was making fun of how "city" mom and I were--but we did get quite a bunch of huckleberries (while Kathy got a ton of mushrooms--but she is the real western girl)! My last night in Jackson we went to "shoes" which was a bunch of Kathy's friends that get together once a week in the summer and play horse shoes and cook out! It was a great ending of an amazing trip!!

Bear sighting...sooo cool and close!
Mom and Kathy

I hope I didn't bore you too bad with all the details of my trip, but it was a wonderful experience and I had an absolute blast the entire time.  I will definitely make it back--don't know if I can stand their winters, but I would love to go back in the warmer months again!!

As for life back in the east in South Carolina, I have a bunch of errands to run before this crazy weekend ahead :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girls Night Out!

This has been a wonderful week.  I have been able to get so many chores done that I have been putting off for a lonnng time and even had time to finish The Help (amazing book, seriously a must read).  It has been a quick week, I can't believe I'm already leaving to go to Jackson Hole, WY tomorrow afternoon!!

I got to enjoy some nice beach time on Tuesday, where I finished my book and hung out with some friends from school.  I love being so close to the beach and feel like I take it for granted sometimes and overestimate the time it takes to get there (literally only 10 minutes).  So it was great to reconnect with friends while enjoying the hot sun on the beautiful beach :)

Folly Beach, SC

Last night, we decided to have a girls night out.  Ali and I had a great time a couple of Wednesdays ago and decided to do it again this week!  Christina joined in and Mary Foster came again (but had to leave early), it was such a blast and so much fun being able to just hang out with the girls!! I honestly have the best friends and since we have moved away from each other (no more living together in the ol' Pitt St. apartment) we really haven't been able to hang out as much as any of us would like.  It is crazy how much living situations adjust the amount you spend time with people (makes sense) but I am definitely going to make more an effort to hang out more often!!


Christina, Ali and I went to Tsunamis, one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Charleston, and split edamame and two rolls (split a pizza at Social beforehand).  It was the perfect amount and even though there weren't many people in the restaurant, we had a great time just chatting with each other! We ended up going to Salty Mike's afterwards for a couple drinks before heading home for the evening :)

Dinner time 
Split sushi rolls
Tsunami's ladies night martinis!
Salty Mikes

Unfortunately, the amount of food that I ate for dinner wasn't the normal amount that I'm used I did a little bit (by a little bit I mean a lot) of late night eating.  I don't know why I always feel guilty eating so much right before bed, even though I do it more frequently than I'd like to admit, it is still annoying feeling bad.  I was hesitant to write about this, because I don't want to sound whinny and I know almost everyone does it; but I thought yall could relate!! I know it's not the end of the world, but no one likes to feel guilty and especially not about eating.  I just figure that my body wasn't going to like me too much in the morning if I didn't put something more substantial in it---so I guess that helps with the guilt!!

Anyways, this morning I started off with a recovery bagel with egg, bacon and spinach and about 3 cups of joe.  The bagel sandwich fueled me for my day of shopping; needed to get some things in preparation for my trip: travel size essentials (shampoo, conditioner, etc), a couple books, some snacks and gum; as well as wedding and baby presents :)

Breakfast Sandwich

After the long day of shopping and running a bunch more errands; I came home to make a big bowl of pasta with sauce that I doctored up (regular sauce in a jar then added spinach, onion, mushrooms and of course a veggie burger).  I read the other day in some magazine at the gym (so descriptive right?!) that jarred pasta sauce has a ton of sugar...and surprisingly it really does--a whooping 9 grams per serving!!  Can you say hello cavities---good thing I bought some trident today ;)

Pasta Bowl

Off to walk the bridge :) 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's finally summer break...for a whole 2 weeks WOOP WOOP!! I honestly have never needed a break as much as I need one right now, so lucky for me I got one :)

This weekend was a great kick off to my short summer break (don't get me wrong: I am thankful that I do get a summer break even if it is short; because yes, I'm not technically in the 'real world' where you don't get a summer break...ek!).  On Saturday, we went out on harbor to Aqua-palooza where the Blue Dogs were playing.  It was a really cool event, there were close to a hundred boats anchored out listening to the band play!! It was a great time and so much fun to hang out with everyone (stress-free too)!

After my fun filled Saturday it was time to slow it down and have a lazy Sunday.  I know that people sometimes call Sunday-Funday (even the Cosmo I just read said to have one) but sometimes it's just nice to relax.  

I have been dying for the Trader Joe's to open in Mount Pleasant, there is one at home and I love their food and discounts (love me some peanut butter filled pretzels), and it finally opened on Friday! Needless to say, I basically jumped for joy when I walked in on Sunday night and made quite a few delicious purchases :).  Drew and I picked up a few goodies from Trader Joe's then went to Whole Foods to pick up some more treats for dinner.  We were all over the place and so mesmerized by all the delicious choices that our burger idea for dinner turned into a hodge-podge of tasty food samplings :)

Mine: Salmon Burger with Shrimp and Lobster egg roll
His: Bison Burger with side of portobello mushroom and little broccoli 
Don't mind the cooking mess in the back :/

It was an amazing meal and I was so happy in the morning when I decided to keep the little bit that was left of my salmon burger (instead of just throwing it away), because I made the most delicious omelet imaginable!! I gotta love some leftovers for breakfast :)

Salmon Burger Omelet

Last night, I decided to cook stuffed peppers for the first time.  I bought ground turkey last week when I went to Walmart because it was so cheap, but realized I didn't know what to make with it :/ After doing a little recipe hunting online (LOVE me some free time) I found a healthy alternative to the original beef and rice stuffed pepper recipe that called for ground turkey--I was instantly sold!  It's a very simple recipe and I was pretty impressed with the time adding more mushrooms and less peppers (personal preference) and roasting the pepper for longer; but all and all a great meal to watch the Bachelorette: Final Rose! 

Turkey-Stuffed Pepper :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! And enjoy some of this wonderful, hot summer weather :)