Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stormy Day but Life Changing News!

Warning this is life changing information: the Green Monster is the best creation EVER!!

I have been looking at blogs for almost a year now and have continued to come across fellow bloggers making this gross looking "green monster" conncotion.  Everyone seems to like it because there are many different versions of it and it is a common food that is posted.  Surprisingly, I never took a real interest in trying one out for myself (the idea of drinking something green or that was filled with spinach not really the best idea in my book).  Plus I'm not the biggest smoothie fan or shake person...I would rather eat all the fruit than have it blended together!  Boy, was I wrong about that one!! The green monster is seriously life is a mystery how blended almond milk, bananas and a ton of spinach (with added peanut butter of course) can be so dang tasty!!

Seriously, if you have ever thought about making a green monster and if you are like me and kinda grossed out by the idea--you need to think twice and then go to the kitchen and blend one up for yourself!! I am thrilled that I finally made one and am in absolute love with the creation.  Whoever thought of blending the flavors together should really get a reward or prize or something...because it is truly life changing (its kind of like when my sister tried a praline for the first time--speechless)!! 

Green Monster LOVE!

As for today, I woke up and got my hair did and was planning on laying out at the pool all day and studying for class (exams in less than 2 weeks..ek!) BUT mother-nature has different plans for me and instead of a sunny day, its thundering and! But this means lots of time to research what I want to bake next and daydreaming about green monsters all day :)

My fuel for daydreaming...

Salmon, summer veggies and pasta bowl :) (and a side of a green monster)

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  1. I've always wanted to try one!!! Maybe I will now that you've tried it I will!