Friday, July 15, 2011

Sports Bras and Baking

Hi Friends!

The past two days that I have been off of school I was planning on laying out while reviewing for class, but as I said yesterday Mother Nature had other plans for me :( but I have taken this time to enjoy the indoors and procrastinate as much as possible!! This means cleaning a lot, baking a lot, grazing (eating) a lot, and studying!

Yesterday, Birney and I took a nice trip to the outlets.  I forget how close the outlets are (probably a good thing for the wallet) but they are very convenient and you get much better deals on clothes there then regular stores.  I was on a mission to get a new sports bra...after the most miserable run of my life on Tuesday I was in much need!  I have been wearing sports bras that I got when I played field hockey in high school (about 6 years ago), needless to say they support very little nowadays (bouncing and chaffing=no fun at all) and getting a new bra was in order.  I don't have much to support and find that Nike makes a great bra with medium support, so I got one in purple (I have others from Nike that are about a year old and still support me well so figured it would do the trick)!


After shopping we headed over to Sam's Club and Wally World (Walmart) to pick up some things for dinner (and bonus: I got my beloved gels for my long runs)! We (I should say He) grilled up some steak, chicken and portobello mushrooms with a side of steamed vegetables for dinner.  I absolutely love mushrooms and haven't had portobello mushrooms in so long I forgot how delicious and almost meaty they taste.  Dinner was amazing and always tastes so much better when you don't have to cook it :)

Grilled to perfection
Huge Steak!!

I may have an addiction coming on and it may become a problem!! At Sam's yesterday I got 3lbs of bananas and a huge bag of spinach, and all day I have been craving that indescribable taste of green monsters.  So I caved in and made another one (2 for today...but they are healthy right?!) and decided to make a batch of oatmeal cookies with semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips while holding off the urge to make a third! I have many different oatmeal recipes but the recipe that I find the tastiest and probably healthiest too is from my Betty Crocker Cookie Book! The recipe calls for more oats than many recipes--less flour more oats sounds perfect to me (recall my oatmeal addiction)!  These cookies turned out amazing and are going to be the perfect Welcome to the Weekend treat!

Green Monster (first one of the day...didn't cut it)
Cookie dough (the best part of making cookies)
First two batches done...ended with 7 batches WOW!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and amazing start of the weekend :) 

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