Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Asheville Half Marathon

Wow its been a long while!

So much has happened that I don't even want to start to have a recap and bore you with all the details. But for the sake of not blogging for 2 months; I'll make it a quickie!! I had an amazing rest of summer including a bunch of trips to the beach with friends, a trip with Drew's family to the Outerbanks, a trip (or two) to Edisto, the start of my FINAL SEMESTER of law school (and school of any sort for that matter--unless I decide to get my PhD ha!), moving into a new wonderful house, Scout growing to 20 lbs (well 19--but rounding up), running, dying my hair back to it's natural color and really just attempting to balance life while welcoming the change of season :)!

Scout is Growing :)

As for this past weekend--I am so happy to report that I actually finished the Asheville Half Marathon!! This half was by far the hardest, most challenging, hilliest (or mountainous), and most beautiful race I have ever run.  Seriously, I never knew that Asheville was so mountainous but I guess next time I sign up for a race I need to check the map first!  It was a definite challenge but with a little help from friends we all got across the finish line with smiles on our faces :)

Asheville Rocks :)
Our Bibs complete with preparation: Gu Gels and 
awesome headbands (the first ones I have tried that don't slip!!)
PreRace Pic
Post Race Picture!
Got to Love Ali's sign ;)
Finished the Race!
Feeling good after brunch @ Tupelo Honey :)

Asheville is a gorgeous city with a very diverse population!  I was probably 8 years old the last time I was in Asheville, so I never got to quite realize the beauty of the town.  It was the perfect town to have a girls weekend away!! Christina and I had planned on doing a race out of town for about a year--and when this race came up we decided to hop on it and plan a girls weekend away with Ali and Kendall!

Getting ready to go out :)
Dinner Night!
Christina, Me and Ali :)
All of us 
Showing our Asheville Love--please note the 
small incline behind us, that was nothing!

Since moving and starting school, I have been so busy that I have started to feel like I have been losing touch with my girl friends!  It happens every beginning of the semester when I am trying to get in the groove of things--so this weekend was a wonderful chance to reconnect and just have fun with the girls!!  We went out to some of the most amazing restaurants--goat cheese stuffed figs I think are my new favorite thing ever--and got to tour around a bunch of breweries (and had a wine tasting too)!  All and all it was a wonderful weekend and I absolutely can't wait for the next one--need to plan around another awesome city with a half marathon ;)

Our Final Night, So Pretty!

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