Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grilled Pesto and Shrimp Pizza

I have got to tell you about the best creation that I have found in a long while---grilling pizza!!!  I was skeptical at first about putting pizza dough on a grill, for whatever reason I felt that it would just melt passed the grates and create a heck of a mess, but after last night I am a true believer in grilling pizza :).

Scout wants some Grilled Pizza too
(bad girl jumping on the counters--but she is cute!)

Yesterday Drew and I went to one of my favorite places, Trader Joe's, to pick up some food and wine for watching the Clemson game.  We went in having not a clue about what we wanted--other than some cheese (seriously, the best selection)--and came out with the wonderful idea of having grilled pizza, after seeing a suggestion sign by the pizza dough section!

We decided to put on the pizza some sun-dried tomatoes, shrimp and homemade pesto, with fresh basil from my basil plant :).  I must mention that the shrimp was fresh caught too!  Drew and a couple guys went out on Friday night and caught a ton of shrimp--which means that our freezer is getting packed with bags of shrimp, but you definitely won't hear me complain about the shrimp overload :)! We were both quite pleased with ourselves and our very homemade pizza (next time I'm going to make the dough though).
Ta Da! Our Wonderful Pizza!

It is quite simple to grill a pizza.  You simply roll the pizza dough on to a cookie sheet, cover very liberally one side with olive oil and flip it (oil side down) on the cookie sheet, then move to the grill (oil side down) for 2-3 minutes; take the dough off the grill and put olive oil on the other side (face down on the cookie sheet), then simply put all your toppings on the pizza (on the side with the grill marks) and put it back on the grill for 8-10 minutes!! It comes out awesome--just a side note: make sure that the grill doesnt get too hot, we kept it around 350.

Pizza Please!!

The pizza was the perfect complement to watching our Tigers win and wonderful fuel after my long 16 mile run!  Gotta love a quiet Saturday night in every once and a while :)

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