Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day :)

I absolutely love Valentines Day, it is a fun day regardless of if you are in a relationship or not, it's just a fun day to tell people you care! It always takes me back to the days in elementary school with our box filled of valentines and candy, or middle school with candy grams and high school with carnations---it's just an excuse to spread a little more joy...and who can not like that a little?!

My Valentines Day started off with a cup of Theraflu and couple tablespoons of cough syrup :/ but also included a wonderful Valentines breakfast sandwich filled with thick cut bacon,  fried egg, goat cheese for me (gouda for Drew) served over a toasted french baguette.  When I was younger, I always woke up on Valentines Day with a big breakfast made by my mom and had a valentine from my dad (usually a stuffed animal for me-not a big candy/chocolate fan when I was young; and chocolate for my sister-she is still a huge chocolate fan).  I decided to keep the tradition going with Drew...I think he liked it :)

Breakfast of love? haha idk but it sure tastes good!

As for my day, I decided to treat myself...and got my hair done :)! I get tired of my hair very quickly and love changing it up---which is wonderful for the pocket book that I found a teaching hair salon that has crazy awesome prices and they do a fantastic job!  I got introduced to the Paul Mitchell Hair Salon by a couple girls in my class and have been going to Leslie for the past few months--unfortunately for me, she is graduating from the the school in the next couple weeks so I'm going to have to figure something out :/ (but I did schedule an appointment next week to get a haircut--if I get enough courage to chop it all off I have my appointment...we will see!)!!!

Welcome back Blonde hair...and cross eyes apparently!

Last night was even more wonderful than my day!  Drew brought me gorgeous flowers (to go with my welcome flowers last week---oh how I love some fresh flowers) and a sweet card and then it was off to Carolina's for dinner.  Carolina's is on Exchange Street downtown, next to the Beer Exchange (which we are frequents to), and I have been so intrigued by it and wanted to try it for months--and the months of build up was totally worth it---it was such a surprise and really delicious!  I give it a A- for sure!

Beautiful Flowers--and they smell soo nice :)

After we chowed down on some delicious seafood (I got the tile fish, Drew got the flounder and we split calamari) it was off to the Mishka concert with a group of friends.  Mishka is a guy (or dude) that plays/sings reggae music (obviously I'm totally down with the lingo) and let me tell you he is absolutely amazing.  He was raised in the Caribbean (so cool) and grew up sailing around the Atlantic.  His music is mellow but uplifting and hey he is even signed to Matthew McConaughey's label (pretty stinking cool)! He is a totally one to look up--and perfect summer/spring time music!

Pour House--love the radio rooster ha!
Mishka (kinda cute right?!)
The Gents (or boys or bros or dudes...)
Up Close and Personal...told you he is cute in that rasta way!
Happy Valentines Day :)! 

I hope everyone had a spectacular Valentines day...and if Valentines day isn't for you--on the brightside it won't happen again for another year! 

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