Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday (almost weekend)!

This week has flown by...and next week looks even more crazy busy!! BUT no need to worry about that now--because it's the weekend :)

As for this morning, I decided to do the unthinkable: I took bodyattack and bodypump with the hardest instructor at my gym back to back early this morning!! It was a great idea last night when I was relaxed and apparently motivated after eating an entire bowl of homemade kettle corn (homemade popcorn maker is about the most incredible invention ever...seriously.)! But that motivation totally wore off halfway through bodypump when my arms were shaking and body was completely rejecting me to lift any more (yes I ended with 1 pound weights--don't hate it was hard, promise)! As much as I complain---it did feel good to end my work out by 10:30 this morning and have the rest of the day ahead of me.

After my killer workout, I treated myself to a trader joe's trip (much earned, plus I love some banana chips)! Trader Joe's is simply put amazing--such good food, for cheaper prices what more can you ask for?!  I was craving a cheesy omelet and knew that trader joe's has some awesome herb goat cheese that melts amazingly with eggs along with ham and mushrooms :).  It was totally worth the trip and a wonderful breakfast for lunch!

Breakfast for lunch?
Don't mind if I do--love some gooey cheese!

I did school work from home today--which is more like my construction site home.  I finally got to move back into my apartment and thought that everything would be finished (or so they said) but nope, not the case :(.  It is definitely weird living in a construction zone with wet paint everywhere and no access to my porch...but on the brightside it will make me appreciate it more when they are finally finished (hopefully in the next year-ha)! Just a hint of how living looks....

Ohh so pretty--
We even have a red carpet to our door ha!

Off to enjoying the start of the weekend---with a side of The Hunger Games (so good I can't put it down)!


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