Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to The Grind

Wow how the weekend flies by!!! I can't believe it is already Monday and the end of February! We had awesome weather this weekend and even the rainy Sunday afternoon was welcome.  I love weekends that are packed with events...but also time to relax.

On Friday night, I went out to dinner with Drew's family.  Drew's dad and fiance came into town for SEWE, South Eastern Wildlife Expo, and took us out to dinner on Friday night.  We went to Amen Street, I have been there before with Ali, but never had a real meal there (we opted for apps the first time I was there)--and the entrees were quite delicious.  I would probably just get a bunch of apps if I went again, but the meal all and all was very good.  It was really nice to catch up with everyone and chat about SEWE.
Amen Street

We ended up going out on Friday night--which ended up with Drew and me on a park bench drinking hot coco and eating teddygrams around 12:30 waiting for our ride to leave the bar.  I have been struggling with wanting to go out or stay in on the weekends.  Sometimes I honestly would rather just stay in on weekend nights, but feel the pressure that the majority of my friends are out--so I should go out too.  I don't know if it is a part of growing up or if I am just not feeling going out all that much--but after this weekend I realized that I need to listen to myself and not feel pressure to go out when I don't want to.  Staying in on Friday nights is alright and it doesn't matter if other people are out--I need to do what's best for me (right?!?!)! Sorry for my vent session!

My Saturday was packed with some amazing SEWE events.  I have never been to SEWE, but I have heard about it since I was in college and was really excited to see what all the hype was about!  It was a gorgeous day and really neat to see all the exhibits.  I love that I date such an 'outdoorsy-southern' boy, who knows all about hunting, fishing and boating.  Before I dated Drew, I had no clue what bow hunting was or fly fishing or anything about types of boats...who knew they had different uses other than to float?!  It is quite a learning experience for a girl that grew up in the 'burbs!

Very talented pup!

We met up with Christina, Annie and Daniel and watched some dockdogs--dogs that jump off a platform into a pool--and got to play with little puppies.  There was all different types of food and a lot of different hunting things (guess I still don't have the lingo) that we could see, and a ton of dogs and puppies.  Of course, Drew and I spent a good amount of time by the boats and then I got to play with the puppies again--ha!  Drew's dad came and we watched a fly fishing demo; which was a lot cooler than it originally sounds like.  It was quite a packed day of wildlife things and made me want a dog more than ever...oops!

Dock Dogs--kinda redneck ha!
Annie with my future dog :)

On Saturday night, we played a few drinking games with friends and took it a little more easy (exactly what the doctor ordered)!  I got to catch up with my old roomie from this summer, Amy, which was a lot of fun.  Amy and I planned to go to church on Sunday morning.  I have been wanting to try out a church on Folly Road--and when Amy said that she had been going there I knew that I had to join her!  It was a really pretty church--but I will admit I'm a bigger fan of the church that Drew and I have been going to--which surprised me!

On Sunday afternoon, it was raining really hard, so Drew and I decided to go see a movie (at a movie theater!)!  We are big fans of redbox--but the switch up was nice and I really do enjoy watching movies at the theater.  Plus, I think that Drew may like it better because then I am not talking the entire time--whoospies!  We saw This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Chelsea Handler! I was really surprised by how good it was.  I thought that it would be a sub-par movie, since the basis of the movie seemed a little strange, but it was really, really good.  I would totally recommend it--and even go see it again!

After our wonderful day date, we got back and decided to whip up a super supper!  We had been talking about making calamari, since we had it on Tuesday and Friday at restaurants, and thought that it would be cool to try and make it at home.  We cut up a calamari steak (who knew they sold that at the grocery?) and cleaned some shrimp--battered them up in House Autry and dropped them into the deep fryer! BAM-awesomeness!  Drew grilled some chicken and shrimp shish kabobs while I made some rice-a-roni with extra broccoli (I know I had such a challenging job)! Our meal was a perfect end to the weekend and great fuel for the start of the busy week ahead :)

Drew with our awesome meal--
why is my plate always bigger?!
Calamari Homemade..sorry a little blurry!

This morning, I was supposed to start my internship at the hospital, but the lady emailed me and said that we had to reschedule :(.  Which means that I had time to do some school work and whip up an awesome omelet--I think I'm obsessed!  

Pure Delicious! 

Off to body attack before class this afternoon! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and start of the week :)

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