Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange :)

Happy Wednesday (and a rainy one here in Charleston)!

Last night, I got to take a break from all my studying (which has been pretty weak lately, just too burnt out from finals, but finally getting back into it) and enjoyed a girls night in.  A few of my friends and friends of friends have put together a girls night, every week for the past couple months.  Since I have been so stinking busy with school/life, I haven't been able to make the girls night out yet!  But luckily, I was able to attend last night--and it was a delicious one!

Cookie Exchange

We ended up going to Ali, Mary Foster and Annies house for a cookie exchange.  It is a great idea and super fun for the holidays!  Everyone brought a bunch of cookies to swap around with everyone, along with some holiday wine and eggnog (Anna made it from scratch--quite impressive in my book!).  It was a great time and I brought home a ton of cookies--Drew was certainly happy :).  I forget how much I enjoy girl time sometimes and it was wonderful to just be able to chat and hang out with everyone!

Filling up our bags with cookies (such cute bags too)
Girls Night :)

As for me, I brought ginger snaps/molasses cookies and white chocolate pretzels   I made a hybrid cookie from two different recipes--one from the back on the molasses bottle and one from  They turned out pretty tasty if you ask me--next time I will have to splurge and buy ground cloves; but you couldn't tell that it was missing that if you didn't know (at least I hope)! Nothing like some homemade cookies :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday party season :)

Off to walk this bird loving girl...

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