Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life update: Bar Exam, Cruise, I Got Engaged!, House-hunting, Landing First Job

WOW! It has been a long, long time since I posted--and there is really good reason for that aka my life has been a whirlwind and ridiculously crazy! It wasn't until this afternoon when I talked with my best friend, Paige, who just started a blog that I remembered that I had a blog and how much I missed it.  The thing about blogs is that they take time and maintenance  but seem so simple and systematic when you get involved with it.  It is kind of like running--it is hard to start but once you are really involved in it, it becomes your passion and you look forward to it!  Aside from the rambling is a quick update on Cody's Life :) (warning: maybe boring)...

January-February 2013: Was a whole lot of boring! Literally some of the worst months of my life, nothing significant occurred  but my life was ALL about studying!  And when I say ALL about studying I mean it.  I would wake up at 6:30-7 everyday, watch a Barbri video until around 11-12, maybe go for a quick jog, study all afternoon/night until 10:30-11, then bed.  Basically--I had no life, no hygiene  no social anything, basically suck-fest!  I was able to have an awesome New Years Eve with my best girl friends and Drew and I did have a weekend escape to Edisto for his birthday, and there was an oyster roast at my house--but other than that it was ALL books ALL day :( I DONT recommend studying for the BAR as a hobby to anyone :)

March 2013: The end of Feb. I finished the BAR exam and then 12 hours later was on a cruise to the Bahamas with Drew.  It was such a nice relaxing time and I really got to enjoy some alone time with him. He was such a trooper the past few months with me studying all the time, so it was much needed.  Plus it was a great way to celebrate my 25th birthday :). We met an awesome couple on the trip and even though the weather was pretty bad (rained everyday) we ended up having an amazing trip!!

As soon as we got back we went into intense house-hunting in Greenville, SC.  I may have forgotten to mention--Drew got a promotion, so we are moving in a week to Greenville (so sad to leave Charleston though).  We went up to Greenville a few times (6 hours round trip) to find the perfect house for us!  By the end of the month we found the one--and will be closing next Friday :) ahhh so exciting!!

In March, I went home for a few days--as this is the only time that I would really be able to visit home and hang out with the family before I got into the "real world."  I flew from home to Key West, FL to go on Megan's bachelorette party--basically the most fun time ever! and then got to stay a couple extra days in Miami, FL with Ashton :).

April 2013: This month has been crazy (in a good way)!  First off, I got ENGAGED! Second off, I got my first JOB!  I can't explain how fast everything has been happening, but it has been and I am just looking forward to life ahead!!

Engagement Recap (Drew says I am bad at telling the story, but here is a quick version of it ha!): Drew and I went to his house in Edisto for the weekend.  Drew had asked Megan and Brandon to join us for Friday night, so that they could end up taking pictures of the whole thing and because we always have a blast when the 4 of us go down there!  Friday night was completely normal--usually in Edisto we all wind up drinking a tad too much and going to the one bar on the island.  On Saturday, I got up early (like always) and Drew got up with me too (he usually stays sleeping, but I didn't really think anything of it since I enjoyed the company).  He and I decided to go on a run before meeting Megan and Brandon at the beach before they had to leave.  We went for the run with Scout--nothing out of normal, and after getting a glass of water to drink walked down to the beach.  There, Brandon had planted a stick that had a small flag and under it was the ring (in a tupperware, that Drew didn't figure out how to open so ended up ripping it in half--I was completely oblivious and didn't see any of this).  The plan was that I would start walking to Megan and Brandon and then Drew would grab my hand and be on one knee before I could get over to them--However, like all engagement stories seem to happen--the plan didn't work out quite as imagined!  There was a little kid that was running around chasing a dog, so I got preoccupied, Drew couldn't open the box--so what ended up happening was...I was talking to Megan, Drew came up and asked me to go on a walk--I of course said no, lets go later because they were about to leave; then he grabbed my hand and led me further away from where we were and got down on one knee---and I of course said YES! It was perfect for us--and sooo excited for everything :)!!

Job: After about 5 interviews with a pharmaceutical company--I got the job! I know that it isn't in the legal profession, which was my plan all along--but it is an absolutely great job and I am so excited for it--hello new sales rep :)! Things just have a way of working themselves out and I can't be anymore excited to starting off our new life in Greenville :) (other than having to leave Charleston, the town I love).

Anyways--thats the short recap of my life the past 4 months :)...pretty insane how just a few months and so many different big changes! Ah, I feel like I'm starting to grow up--a little bit ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange :)

Happy Wednesday (and a rainy one here in Charleston)!

Last night, I got to take a break from all my studying (which has been pretty weak lately, just too burnt out from finals, but finally getting back into it) and enjoyed a girls night in.  A few of my friends and friends of friends have put together a girls night, every week for the past couple months.  Since I have been so stinking busy with school/life, I haven't been able to make the girls night out yet!  But luckily, I was able to attend last night--and it was a delicious one!

Cookie Exchange

We ended up going to Ali, Mary Foster and Annies house for a cookie exchange.  It is a great idea and super fun for the holidays!  Everyone brought a bunch of cookies to swap around with everyone, along with some holiday wine and eggnog (Anna made it from scratch--quite impressive in my book!).  It was a great time and I brought home a ton of cookies--Drew was certainly happy :).  I forget how much I enjoy girl time sometimes and it was wonderful to just be able to chat and hang out with everyone!

Filling up our bags with cookies (such cute bags too)
Girls Night :)

As for me, I brought ginger snaps/molasses cookies and white chocolate pretzels   I made a hybrid cookie from two different recipes--one from the back on the molasses bottle and one from  They turned out pretty tasty if you ask me--next time I will have to splurge and buy ground cloves; but you couldn't tell that it was missing that if you didn't know (at least I hope)! Nothing like some homemade cookies :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday party season :)

Off to walk this bird loving girl...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This Weekend: Finished Law School, Finished a Marathon :)

Wow! This was an incredible weekend in the life of Cody.  I finished law school and PRed a marathon :).

I have spent the last few weeks preparing for my final finals...ever.  I have been a student for my entire life (as I know it)--and am happy to report that I am finally finished with my long career as a student :).  It is a much different feeling this go around, than the times past when I finished up with school.

I remember "graduating elementary school" and thinking that I was growing up--we even had to sing "the time of your life" to our parents, a little dramatic for elementary school but it worked!  And then graduating high school, I remember not wanting to go to college, I loved my friends, life and living at home.  I remember talking to my best friends saying how we wished that there was a 13th year.  And then college graduation came around--and boy was I NOT ready to leave college (so since I graduated early I stayed around for the semester that I should have still been in school and worked/played)!  I could have stayed in college for a few victory laps, and to this day when I go back to Clemson, there is still a part of me that longs for those college care free days!

Sorority Senior Walk 
*my other pictures won't upload :(

But this go around, aka my final go around, is completely different--I am ready to be done with school once and for all :).  It's not that I didn't enjoy law school and all the friends that I made along the way--it's just that I'm ready to enter into the "real" world and actually know how it is like to have a "big person job."  I have seen most of my friends finish with college, and even some with grad school, and enter into the work force--and I can't help but feel jealous of them for being independent and self-reliant. So, I am happy to report that at the end of my law school career/long educational career--I am looking ahead to the future and not wanting to look back (no Ph.D. or Master degree for this girl)!!

Also, I ran the Kiawah Marathon on Saturday (finished law school Friday afternoon--ran marathon Saturday morning: my life was a tad insane this weekend).  It was a great race and I felt great the entire time!  I started out the first half (13 miles) with my dad and Mimi.  I wanted to make sure that I had enough "gas" as my dad likes to call it for the end of the race--so I didn't bonk!  We started off at around a 10 minute pace (slow and steady wins the race).  When I cut off from them I was aiming at between a 9:00 and 9:30 pace.

Dad, me and Mimi before the race

Originally, I wanted to do the race in 4 hours--but since I have been studying and school took up my life, I stopped focusing on running and decided that I just wanted to finish the race with a smile on my face and didn't care about the time.  On Saturday morning, my dad said that they wanted to finish the race in 4:20--I then decided that since my last time was 4:17 I wanted to beat that time and we planned that I would stick with them for the first half and if I felt good that I would kick it up.  So, I kicked it up a notch--and when I was around mile 15 decided that I wanted to do it in under 4:15--which then at mile 19, that goal became 4:10. Basically, this was a plan as you go marathon--and I finished in my final goal of 4:10 with a smile on my face!

Drew's picture of me running--
no one said that running was attractive 

Looking back at the race, I wish that I had planned out what I wanted to do before the race started.  I was so consumed with school work that I lost sight of what I wanted to achieve in my running.  I am still proud of my time, especially with the amount that I was able to take off my time from my last marathon.  But part of me wishes that I would have had a goal and went for that goal.  I finished the marathon sprinting towards the finish (last mile was 8:10) and I wish that I had left all I had out on the course.  However, this isn't my last rodeo and I will always have another shot at my sub 4 hour original goal :).  Overall, it was an amazing race and gives me excitement for my next race--whenever that will be!

I don't mean for this to sound like I am boosting about myself--I am just really proud of myself for finishing two very challenging things.  I think that it is alright to be proud of yourself every once and awhile--and these two things are that for me :)  Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday--off to read some of my book before hitting the books for studying for the Bar :/

Reading the Happiness Project 
(since it has been popping up everywhere--decided to jump on the band wagon :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Engagement Party Weekend In Maryland


I can't tell you how much fun this past weekend was!  I got to fly home to Maryland to celebrate my sister, Lee and her fiance, Jeff's engagement party!!  We packed a ton into the 72 hours that I was home and it was worth every moment of it :)

I arrived late Thursday night which meant that we had all day Friday to play.  Mom and I got up early (as usual--we both are morning people) and after a cup or three of coffee we headed to the gym for a quick workout before going to the grocery store.  Call me crazy, but I absolutely love going to the grocery store--especially when I am at home, guess it's because Mom buys ;).  When we were at the store, we came across Pumpkin Spice English Muffins which my Mom has been raving about since late September when she first stumbled upon them!  Lee and I have been searching high and low for them in every store that sells bread--literally!  So when we found the delicious bread...we bought all of them that were on the shelf ha!
Lets be honest--anything Pumpkin Spice is good!
My beautiful mama :)

After our exciting find we got ready for our afternoon in Annapolis to see Lee and Jeff's wedding venue.  I have heard wonderful things about the location and couldn't wait to see it.  Kelsey, mom and I  shared a couple snacks and drinks while waiting on Lee and Jeff to meet up with us.  It was a gorgeous day and perfect for venue looking :).  We looked at a possible spot for the ceremony and then came across their venue!! It is perfect--absolutely gorgeous and makes me so excited for their big day!!!  

Got to try on the gorgeous ring--Jeff did a stellar job!
Jeff and Lee at the Gardens--possible ceremony spot!
Walking in Annapolis!
At the venue :) soo pretty!

On Saturday, we got prepared for the party day--by going out to lunch with two of Lee's bridesmaids, me and of course the bride to be! After a delicious lunch we headed off to get spa mani/pedis!  It was so nice to have a day of pampering and spending time with such wonderful girls.  It makes me excited to be able to plan Lee's bachelorette party because she has such great friends :)

My new tumbler--proud to be the maid of honor ;)

After our primping, it was party time!  There was such a great turn out of Lee and Jeff's family and friends.  It was so exciting to meet so many new people and chat with people I haven't seen in a while.  It was a really nice night and I think it's safe to say that everyone had a wonderful time :)

Mimi baked/decorated the cake--amazing right?!
Kelsey, Lee, Me and Mom
My pops learning to work the camera ha!
Speech time :)
Lee and I obviously in deep convo--

Unfortunately, I was a lame duck and had to call it an early night (after some guidance from my pops--that I had to switch the wine to water and that going to bed at a reasonable hour was in my best interest) and didn't get to continue the celebration into the wee hours with the remainder of the group!  But as always the old man was right and I got enough energy and sleep to be prepared for my 22 mile run in the AM.  It was a long, long run but Mimi, Dad and I completed all 22 with smiles on our faces!!  If you are in the DC/Baltimore area--I highly suggest running the NCR trail for long runs.  The trail is very beautiful and best part about it--it is flat :).  It was a wonderful day and even better weekend!

Me and Mimi before the lonnng 22 miler--think I was about to freeze!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grilled Pesto and Shrimp Pizza

I have got to tell you about the best creation that I have found in a long while---grilling pizza!!!  I was skeptical at first about putting pizza dough on a grill, for whatever reason I felt that it would just melt passed the grates and create a heck of a mess, but after last night I am a true believer in grilling pizza :).

Scout wants some Grilled Pizza too
(bad girl jumping on the counters--but she is cute!)

Yesterday Drew and I went to one of my favorite places, Trader Joe's, to pick up some food and wine for watching the Clemson game.  We went in having not a clue about what we wanted--other than some cheese (seriously, the best selection)--and came out with the wonderful idea of having grilled pizza, after seeing a suggestion sign by the pizza dough section!

We decided to put on the pizza some sun-dried tomatoes, shrimp and homemade pesto, with fresh basil from my basil plant :).  I must mention that the shrimp was fresh caught too!  Drew and a couple guys went out on Friday night and caught a ton of shrimp--which means that our freezer is getting packed with bags of shrimp, but you definitely won't hear me complain about the shrimp overload :)! We were both quite pleased with ourselves and our very homemade pizza (next time I'm going to make the dough though).
Ta Da! Our Wonderful Pizza!

It is quite simple to grill a pizza.  You simply roll the pizza dough on to a cookie sheet, cover very liberally one side with olive oil and flip it (oil side down) on the cookie sheet, then move to the grill (oil side down) for 2-3 minutes; take the dough off the grill and put olive oil on the other side (face down on the cookie sheet), then simply put all your toppings on the pizza (on the side with the grill marks) and put it back on the grill for 8-10 minutes!! It comes out awesome--just a side note: make sure that the grill doesnt get too hot, we kept it around 350.

Pizza Please!!

The pizza was the perfect complement to watching our Tigers win and wonderful fuel after my long 16 mile run!  Gotta love a quiet Saturday night in every once and a while :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Asheville Half Marathon

Wow its been a long while!

So much has happened that I don't even want to start to have a recap and bore you with all the details. But for the sake of not blogging for 2 months; I'll make it a quickie!! I had an amazing rest of summer including a bunch of trips to the beach with friends, a trip with Drew's family to the Outerbanks, a trip (or two) to Edisto, the start of my FINAL SEMESTER of law school (and school of any sort for that matter--unless I decide to get my PhD ha!), moving into a new wonderful house, Scout growing to 20 lbs (well 19--but rounding up), running, dying my hair back to it's natural color and really just attempting to balance life while welcoming the change of season :)!

Scout is Growing :)

As for this past weekend--I am so happy to report that I actually finished the Asheville Half Marathon!! This half was by far the hardest, most challenging, hilliest (or mountainous), and most beautiful race I have ever run.  Seriously, I never knew that Asheville was so mountainous but I guess next time I sign up for a race I need to check the map first!  It was a definite challenge but with a little help from friends we all got across the finish line with smiles on our faces :)

Asheville Rocks :)
Our Bibs complete with preparation: Gu Gels and 
awesome headbands (the first ones I have tried that don't slip!!)
PreRace Pic
Post Race Picture!
Got to Love Ali's sign ;)
Finished the Race!
Feeling good after brunch @ Tupelo Honey :)

Asheville is a gorgeous city with a very diverse population!  I was probably 8 years old the last time I was in Asheville, so I never got to quite realize the beauty of the town.  It was the perfect town to have a girls weekend away!! Christina and I had planned on doing a race out of town for about a year--and when this race came up we decided to hop on it and plan a girls weekend away with Ali and Kendall!

Getting ready to go out :)
Dinner Night!
Christina, Me and Ali :)
All of us 
Showing our Asheville Love--please note the 
small incline behind us, that was nothing!

Since moving and starting school, I have been so busy that I have started to feel like I have been losing touch with my girl friends!  It happens every beginning of the semester when I am trying to get in the groove of things--so this weekend was a wonderful chance to reconnect and just have fun with the girls!!  We went out to some of the most amazing restaurants--goat cheese stuffed figs I think are my new favorite thing ever--and got to tour around a bunch of breweries (and had a wine tasting too)!  All and all it was a wonderful weekend and I absolutely can't wait for the next one--need to plan around another awesome city with a half marathon ;)

Our Final Night, So Pretty!